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Vol. 6 No. 1 (2024): Neke The New Zealand Journal of Translation Studies
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"Translation is many things. It is insufficient, excessive, contingent, temporally bound, iterative, different (and différant). It is, as many scholars in the post-structuralist tradition have acknowledged, impossible, and at the same time necessary. It is not – and can never be – perfect, instant or redundant."

— Carol O'Sullivan

"I've been fascinated by the art of translation since I was a teenager in Armagh, when my Irish teacher, Seán Ó Baoill, encouraged me and my fellow students to submit for consideration by The Irish Press our renderings into English of Irish poems. The confidence he had in us, mere schoolboys, was transformative. It was as if we were ourselves somehow translated into writerdom, with a sense that writing was, among other things, a job of journeywork for which we were eligible to apply."

— Paul Muldoon 

"There are two main areas of interest. First and foremost, the literary: except for the author, I don't think anyone knows a work better than its translator. Second, there is the linguistic puzzle of rewriting a piece in another language. I still find that challenge fascinating."

— Edith Grossman