About the Journal

Neke is the first journal of Translation Studies in New Zealand.  


This online journal is open access to all scholars, students, translators, interpreters around the world. A peer reviewed and interdisciplinary journal, Neke features essays, translations (including subtitles and any other form of multimodal translation), reviews, interviews as well as a blog and a monthly photography caption contest.  


The essays—solicited and unsolicited—will be appear in two streams: on an ongoing basis, on any aspect of translation, and on a thematic basis, which will lead to a yearly issue published on International Translation Day (September 30).  


As a verb, neke means ‘to move’, ‘to shift’ in te reo Māori, New Zealand’s indigenous language. This is precisely what translation does: it moves and shifts words and meanings and with them ideas, information, people, and actions across languages, cultures, and worldviews.  


As a noun, neke means ‘snake’ but in New Zealand there are no snakes. This is precisely what translation does: it makes something exists where it did not (our intention, however, is not to introduce snakes to New Zealand!)