Resetting Benefits: Benchmarks for adequate minimum incomes


  • Greg Waite Independent Researcher



benefit adequacy, minimum income, budget standards, evidence-based policy


New Zealand’s successful management of the Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the value of evidence-based policy. Government policy on income support payments is also changing significantly in response to the Welfare Expert Advisory Group’s 2019 report. This article examines the report’s recommendations in the context of international and local research, considers whether benefit increases in the 2021 Budget deliver on those recommendations, and discusses the impact of high housing costs on welfare reform options.


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Author Biography

Greg Waite, Independent Researcher

Greg Waite is an independent researcher and member of Whangārei Child Poverty Action Group. His work as principal analyst in the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works included research on poverty, housing affordability, loss of affordable housing stock, the cost of social housing and modelling alternatives to rent assistance.