Sex, Gender and Women's Rights


  • Jan Rivers
  • Jill Abigail



sex, gender, human rights, women’s rights, gender theory, gender ideology, policy capture, transgender


Despite legislation proposing sex self-identification being deferred in early 2019, numerous government departments and agencies have implemented self-identification in their policies and practices. If a man can declare himself to be a woman, what, then, is a woman, and how can women’s rights as a political class be maintained? This article explores the tensions between women’s sex-based human rights and the claims of transgender advocates. In so doing, it discusses the nature and implications of gender ideology and highlights the failure of public sector institutions, in embracing key tenets of this ideology, to follow well-established policymaking processes.


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Author Biographies

Jan Rivers

Jan Rivers is a former public servant who has worked in information management and library services. She has a long-standing interest in the quality of the public sector and has been involved in work on open government.


Jill Abigail

Jill Abigail has worked on gender issues for over 40 years in both the public service and NGOs. Originally a librarian and researcher, she was the first director of information in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.