Science Advice in New Zealand

opportunities for development


  • Ben Jeffares
  • Jonathan Boston
  • Juliet Gerrard
  • Shaun Hendy
  • Wendy Larner



science advice, independence, Royal Society Te Apärangi, prime minister’s chief science advisor


What is the state of play for science advice to the government and Parliament? After almost ten years with a prime minister’s chief science advisor, are there lessons to be learnt? How can we continue to ensure that science advice is effective, balanced, transparent and rigorous, while at the same time balancing the need for discretion and confidentiality? In this article, we suggest that the hallmarks of good science – transparency and peer review – can be balanced against the need to provide confidential advice in an Aotearoa New Zealand context. To complement the advice to the prime minister, an expanded role for the Royal Society Te Apärangi would support public and parliamentary understanding of science and science
issues relevant to policy.


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