William Golder, 1810–1876


  • Brian Opie




William Golder is credited with being the author of the first book of poetry published in New Zealand, and the first amateur printer who was not a missionary. He arrived in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, or Port Nicholson, on The Bengal Merchant in February 1840. He was 29, and accompanied by his wife Mary and two children. The unbroken passage from Scotland to New Zealand took a toll on the small family, weakening their first child who sickened and died two months after arrival, aged 3. Golder spent the rest of his life (until 1876 when he returned to Scotland some years after the death of his wife only to die in an accident shortly after arrival) as a settler in the Hutt Valley and an active member of the new British society being formed in this region of New Zealand.


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