About the Journal

Originally modelled on the English journal Notes and Queries, Kōtare: New Zealand Notes and Queries is devoted to New Zealand literature, literary history, and literary criticism. It particularly welcomes submissions that have some basis in archival research and scholarship and criticism arising from newly discovered sources, but other submissions are also welcome. Typically, articles are between 4000 and 6000 words in length, but shorter notes may also be accepted, and longer items that involve scholarly editing from archival materials will also be considered.

‘Kōtare’ is the Māori name for a kingfisher, a bird whose gift for ruminative stillness precedes its quick diving to the depths. It was chosen as the name for this journal to reflect the kind of scholarship it hopes both to promote and to draw on: the keen-eyed noting of changes, large or small, in our cultural currents; the retrieval of what we thought was lost, or was long concealed; and our hopes for a more than occasional flash of interest for our readers.  Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu. Although it is small, it is greenstone.

All submissions are made online; please see the Information for Authors in the sidebar to the right.

Kōtare is an internationally-recognised peer-reviewed journal. ISSN 1174-6955