Montague Harry Holcroft, 1902–1993


  • Stephen Hamilton



Born in Rangiora on the South Island of New Zealand on 14 May 1902, Montague Harry Holcroft was the son of a grocer and his wife and the second of three boys. When his father’s business failed in 1917, he was forced to leave school and begin his working life in the office of a biscuit factory. Two years later he abandoned his desk in search of adventure, working on farms throughout New Zealand before crossing the Tasman Sea to Sydney, Australia in the company of his friend Mark Lund. Here he returned to office work and married his first wife, Eileen McLean, shortly before his 21st birthday. Within three years the marriage ended and Holcroft returned to New Zealand. However, during his sojourn in Sydney his emerging passion for writing had borne fruit in stories published in several major Australian magazines.


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Stephen Hamilton