• Architectural History Aotearoa

    AHA: Architectural History Aotearoa is a forum for broad-ranging discussion on the built environment and related issues in Aotearoa.  Each issue focuses on a specific decade.  It encourages experimental, raw thinking and investigation, from researchers and scholars (academics, enthusiasts, practitioners, and students) from all career stages and experiences that opens up new understanding of architecture in our country.  It aims to be intellectually expansive in its investigations of each focussed time period and academically generous.

    Aha is both an acronym and a word in te reo Māori; translates "aha" as a verb meaning: "to do what? treated in what fashion? to do anything" and a noun meaning "what?"

  • School of Management Working Papers

    The School of Management (SoM) Working Paper Series provides a forum for staff, graduate students and research centres to disseminate their ideas and publish research findings in advance of publication. These papers are presented here to generate discussion and should not be quoted without the author’s permission.

  • Policy Quarterly

    Policy Quarterly (PQ) is targeted at readers in the public sector, including politicians and their staff, public servants and a wide variety of professions, together with others interested in public issues. Its length and style are intended to make the journal accessible to busy readers.

  • Commoning Ethnography

    Commoning Ethnography is an off-centre, annual, international, peer-engaged, open access, online journal dedicated to examining, criticizing, and redrawing the boundaries of ethnographic research, teaching, knowledge, and praxis.

  • Counterfutures

    Counterfutures, peer reviewed and published biannually, is a multidisciplinary journal of Left research, thought, and strategy. It brings together work from across Aotearoa New Zealand's Left, aiming to intervene in, and inaugurate, debates about how to understand and influence our society, politics, culture, and environment.

  • New Zealand Journal of Industrial Relations

    The New Zealand Journal of Industrial Relations was published between 1977 and 2003. In 2004 it was renamed the New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations.

  • Sunshade Design for UVR Protection

    Sunshade Design for UVR Protection is an on-line journal. It publishes research reports, articles and design proposals on the design of private and public spaces which protect users from over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR).

  • The Australasian Journal of Logic

    The Australasian Journal of Logic is an online, open access journal run under the auspices of the Australasian Association of Logic and Victoria University.

  • Neke. The New Zealand Journal of Translation Studies

    Neke is the first journal of Translation Studies in New Zealand.

    This online journal is open access to all scholars, students, translators, interpreters around the world. A peer reviewed and interdisciplinary journal, Neke features essays, translations (including subtitles and any other form of multimodal translation), reviews, interviews as well as a blog and a monthly photography caption contest. 

  • Labour, Employment and Work in New Zealand

    This Labour, Employment and Work in New Zealand site contains links to copies of all the proceedings published to date.

  • Competition & Regulation Times

    ISCR Competition & Regulation Times is the newsletter of the New Zealand Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation.

  • Victoria University of Wellington Law Review

    Founded in 1953 by Professor Robert McGechan, the Victoria University of Wellington Law Review is the oldest university Law Review in New Zealand. It has a proud history of being a major publisher of significant legal articles of relevance not only to New Zealand, or our Pacific region, but also internationally.

    The VUWLR publishes four issues a year, a total of some 800 pages of quality research by international scholars, members of this faculty and our colleagues elsewhere in New Zealand, distinguished visitors and the Faculty's own students.

  • Kōtare : New Zealand Notes & Queries

    Originally modelled on the English journal Notes and Queries, Kōtare: New Zealand Notes and Queriesis devoted to New Zealand literature, literary history, and literary criticism. It particularly welcomes submissions that have some basis in archival research and scholarship and criticism arising from newly discovered sources, but other submissions are also welcome.

  • The New Zealand Review of Economics and Finance

    The New Zealand Review of Economics and Finance is a student-run journal published by senior undergraduate students and postgraduate students from the School of Economics and Finance at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW).

  • The Journal of New Zealand Studies

    The Journal of New Zealand Studies is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal published by the Stout Research Centre for New Zealand Studies.

  • The New Zealand Annual Review of Education

    The New Zealand Annual Review of Education Te Arotake a Tau o Te Ao o te Matauranga i Aotearoa (NZAROE) provides a forum for researchers, policy makers and implementers, and practitioners to present well-documented analytical reviews of policy issues of significance to the New Zealand educational sector, as well as recent research addressing key educational developments and trends, set in a comparative international context.