About the Journal

Sunshade Design for UVR Protection is an on-line journal. It publishes research reports, articles and design proposals on the design of private and public spaces which protect users from over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR). Sunshade provision is considered an important strategy in reducing the incidence of skin cancer, especially in countries with fair skinned populations. The science of designing shade for UVR protection is often unrecognised or not understood. 

The aim of this journal is to provide accessible information and inspiration on the initiation, planning, design and implementation of shade canopies to local government, planners, recreation managers, urban designers, landscape architects, shade designers and the general public

The journal was set up in 2017 by Christina Mackay, Architect and Senior Lecturer at School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington. Since 2002, Christina has undertaken research into various aspects of shade provision for UV protection and presented and published findings internationally.

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