Mitigating Climate Change in Urban Aotearoa: towards transformative policies


  • Ralph Chapman Te Herenga Waka⁠—Victoria University of Wellington



Mitigation, Cities, Transport, Building, Co-benefits, Wellbeing, Transformation


Carbon emissions, the dominant greenhouse gas emissions in urban Aotearoa New Zealand, must fall. This article considers how New Zealand can implement transformative urban mitigation policies. First, it is time to move beyond a fixation with the emissions trading system and vehicle electrification, and apply a comprehensive set of known, effective policy measures. Second, policies must consider effects on wellbeing. Third, systemic solutions are needed to redress systemic problems of urban sprawl and car dependence, and offer a credible prospect of transformative urban mitigation.


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Author Biography

Ralph Chapman, Te Herenga Waka⁠—Victoria University of Wellington

Ralph Chapman is an adjunct professor at Te Herenga Waka⁠—Victoria University of Wellington and a co-director of the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities, and writes on climate change mitigation and related topics.