A New Model of Collaboration


  • Ken Warren The Treasury New Zealand




accountability, complex problems, collaboration, collective operating model, institutional design, public sector management


Government agencies must collaborate at the front line to succeed in addressing complex problems (e.g., assisting individuals and families with multiple needs). Previous attempts to improve frontline collaboration have had limited success. A different approach, using the insights of comparative institutional economics and public governance literature, would focus on the principles that underpin successful public sector collaboration. A specialist hierarchical system (i.e. the current system) places different expectations, performance characteristics, information needs and accountabilities on public servants than a collaborative, network-based system does. This article outlines five design principles to guide the development of a new collective1 model as a separate but connected system in the New Zealand public sector. The proposed model would help draw citizens, iwi, NGOs and others into more collaborative and constructive relationships with the government to pursue the resolution of the most complex and important challenges our country faces.


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Author Biography

Ken Warren, The Treasury New Zealand

Ken Warren is the chief accounting officer at the Treasury.