Vested Interests and Business Diplomacy

biotechnology companies and gene editing in New Zealand


  • Yadira Pantoja


business diplomacy, gene editing, biotechnology, GMOs, vested interests


New Zealand is known worldwide for its green image and environmentally friendly products, including a GMO-free status. However, recent advances in biotechnology suggest that new technologies, such as gene editing, may help to combat climate change and contribute to sustainability. Debate about whether to allow the use of gene editing in the dairy, farming and livestock industries in New Zealand has begun because of vested interests in new technologies from multinational corporations, the dairy industry and the government. In New Zealand, companies utilise business diplomacy strategies in order to promote their corporate interests and participate in multi-level networks of influence and information. This article identifies the main stakeholders in gene editing, their roles in a multi-level network of vested interests, and their uses of business diplomacy in New Zealand.


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