Intergenerational economic mobility in New Zealand


  • Matthew Gibbons



Intergenerational economic mobility, Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, New Zealand Election Study, relationship between student performance and socio-economic background, economic circumstances and their family background


Intergenerational mobility is about the relationship between people’s outcomes and their childhood family circumstances. Researchers have sometimes defined intergenerational economic mobility as being about the extent to which an adult’s income and occupation are determined by their own talents and ambition, irrespective of their family background (Blanden, Gregg and Machin, 2005, p.2). This type of intergenerational mobility differs from the structural mobility that happens when average incomes and job quality improve over time, and is sometimes also different from the intragenerational mobility that occurs when individuals change jobs or advance in their career (Aldridge, 2005). Because of social and political interest in equality of opportunity and economic efficiency, intergenerational economic mobility has been of increasing interest to researchers.


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