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Call For Papers: Special Issue On the University Crisis


The next special issue for the New Zealand Science Review will focus on the crisis in our universities. It is now undeniable that the current university model is failing to support research and science education in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the cuts currently being made to staffing threaten the core of our research and science system.

We are calling for papers discussing this issue, to be published in 2024. Relevant topics could include:

  • the past and current impacts of the research and science system in Aotearoa New Zealand universities
  • the past and current contribution of other tertiary institutions including wānanga and polytechnics
  • the research and science workforce in tertiary institutions
  • proposals for more effective and stable support of research and science through tertiary institutions
  • proposals for the future shape of research and science in our tertiary education system
  • impacts of the current crisis on science education and the future research and science workforce
  • relationships between universities, other tertiary institutions, and other parts of our research and science system
  • any other articles relevant to this topic which fall within the remit of the NZSR (see the full scope of the journal).

Queries about relevance, potential article length, etcetera are welcome and can be sent to

We currently plan to close submissions for this special issue on April 30th, 2024 to allow for review and publication of the full issue within the calendar year.