Occupational safety and Health: employers' perspective


  • David Farlow




In this discussion of the principles and objectives for proposed occupational health and safety legislation, I shall draw quite heavily on the public discussion paper put out in June 1988 by ACOSH, Occupational safety and health reform. The statements in that report remain true. Further, it is important to realise that the recognition of these problems provides the prime rationale behind the desire for reform. The present problems as experienced by employers result at least as much from the fragmented and inconsistent administrative process as from the difficulties with the existing legislation. Thus, the driving force for reform is aimed at the administrative arrangements, while recognising that, in order for such changes to occur, significant legislative changes would be necessary. In addition, there exists the opportunity to tidy up the legislative mess that currently exists - but this must be done properly because a missed opportunity now will lose the momentum towards refonn and bad new legislation will be very difficulty to alter, giving us different problems for some time to come.


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David Farlow,