Complex Challenges in Policy Implementation




complexity, implementation, policy, adaptive expertise, improvement, educational change, learning culture, systemic


Efforts to improve education occur in complex landscapes, where policy, research, history, experiences, and communities shape practice in ways that have both intended and unintended outcomes. These landscapes change over time; however, there appear to be several core challenges that persist and which likely influence why it is difficult for policy to improve education in intended, effective and sustainable ways. Drawing on New Zealand and international research, this position paper identifies some of these key challenges and explores possible leverage points to navigate these. These include developing adaptive expertise, engaging key stakeholders in decision making, and developing a learning culture.


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Author Biography

Deidre M. Le Fevre, University of Auckland

Associate Professor Deidre Le Fevre is a researcher and academic program leader for postgraduate studies in educational leadership at the University of Auckland. Her research and teaching focus is on leadership and learning for organisational change and development.  She explores practices that support practitioners to address complex leadership problems.

Deidre brings knowledge and skills in understanding organisational change, the development of professional capability, and effective leadership to her work consulting with leaders and organisations. Her research includes several large-scale projects investigating leadership, professional learning, and educational improvement.