Going, Going ...? Men in Primary Teaching in New Zealand

  • Ian Livingstone


This article examines the issue of the declining numbers of men in primary teaching, and charts the points in their preparation, induction and classroom experience where attrition may have occurred. Some reasons are suggested, based upon research evidence. It concludes with four arguments for having more men in the classroom, which are classified as: academic, social, environmental, and representational. Of these the representational argument is regarded as the most compelling. Primary school staff should be more representative of society at large, conveying the message that learning and academic achievement are for everyone.


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Ian Livingstone
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LIVINGSTONE, Ian. Going, Going ...? Men in Primary Teaching in New Zealand. The New Zealand Annual Review of Education, [S.l.], n. 12, july 2002. ISSN 1178-3311. Available at: <https://ojs.victoria.ac.nz/nzaroe/article/view/1431>. Date accessed: 27 oct. 2020. doi: https://doi.org/10.26686/nzaroe.v0i12.1431.


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