Whare Wananga Development in 1993-1994

  • Pakake Calm Winiata
  • Whatarangi Winiata


The historical significance of whare wananga to Maori is described and documented. Matauranga Maori is defined and its maintenance, expansion and dissemination (under certain conditions) is offered as the rationale for the existence of whare wananga – past and present. Two wananga which have been established, and one awaiting the process, under the Education Amendment Act 1990, are discussed and, in brief, their characteristics are compared with those of tikanga Pakeha institutions. Some principles of Maori education are suggested. The National Association of Wananga, Te Tauihu o Ngaa Whare Waananga, is introduced, and its priorities for 1995 and beyond are listed. An international perspective is incorporated and a wananga agenda for the future is outlined.


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Pakake Calm Winiata
Whatarangi Winiata
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