Investigating Society: The Cases of Pepe Carvalho and Tito Ihaka


  • Carolina Miranda
  • Barbara Pezzotti




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Author Biographies

Carolina Miranda

Caro Miranda lectures at Victoria University of Wellington. Her research interests include translation and twentieth-century Latin American literature. She has written about Roberto Arlt’s theatre and narrative work and also on Argentine, Spanish and New Zealand crime fiction. She is currently revising a monograph, Roberto Arlt: Reading and Writing within the Argentine Tradition, for publication with Edwin Mellen Press. Together with Jean Anderson and Barbara Pezzotti, she is editing The Foreigner in International Crime Writing: Transcultural Representations (Continuum, forthcoming 2012), which explores the familiar topic of the foreign in popular crime fiction of twentieth and twenty-first century crime writing from Norway, the UK, India, China, Europe, the Pacific and Australasia. This book examines these popular works as ‘transcultural contact zones’ in which writers can tackle such issues as national identity, immigration, globalization and diaspora communities.

Barbara Pezzotti

Barbara Pezzotti teaches Italian language and culture at Victoria University. She has published several articles and book chapters on Italian crime fiction and the figure of the serial killer in Italian and New Zealand crime fiction. Her book A Bloody Journey: The Importance of Place in Italian Contemporary Crime Series is soon to be published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press. She is also the co-editor (with Jean Anderson and Carolina Miranda) of The Foreign in International Crime Writing: Transcultural Representations (forthcoming, Continuum).