The Great Hip Hop Grant Scandal


  • Graeme Whimp



The key aspects and features of the Great Hip Hop Grant scandal in New Zealand involving Fuarosa and Saralia Tamati, mother and daughter of Sainoan origin are discussed. The three dominant discourses in the public narrative of the late 20th and early 21st centuries in Aotearoa New Zealand are highlighted.


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Author Biography

Graeme Whimp

Graeme Whimp is a graduate of the Pacific Studies Programme, Va'aomano Pasifika, Victoria University of Wellington. His MA thesis was based on a reading of personal and official documents of Waiter Edward Gudgeon, the first New Zealand resident commissioner in the Cook Islands. His continuing research interests include Pacific Studies as a field of study, and new approaches therein, and reading colonial representations, especially those produced in the early development of the Polynesian Society.