Martinborough's Wine Tourists and the Metro-rural Idyll


  • Peter Howland



The key aspects and features of Martinborough, a small boutique wine village approximately one hour's drive from Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand are discussed. The entangled fundamentals of the tourists' rural and metro-rural idylls, middle-class distinction and ideal reflexive individuality are highlighthed.


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Author Biography

Peter Howland

Dr Peter Howland is an anthropologist whose main research interest lies in the everyday, ostensibly mundane and 'normative' aspects of contemporary Western societies such as New Zealand. He has conducted research on Lotto and constructive gambling, and more recently on middle class wine consumption/ tourism. In the future he plans to research the objectification of young persons' reflexive aspirations and ideals of socia\ity (e.g. friendship,'romantic', familial etc) within modern communication pathways such as texting, e-mail and on\ine social networks.