Leaving the Straight Path: Cultural Time Travel in the Seventies


  • Mark Williams




The author discusses the two related conditions that were indicative of his experience of the 1970's - belatedness and embarrassment. Belatedness refers to the 1960's when many of the progressive movements started and embarrassment in that the author felt incapable of participating in the signifiers of opposition at that time. The seventies were indicative of the struggle of actual time and imaginary time for dominance.


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Author Biography

Mark Williams

Mark Williams is professor of English at the University of Canterbury, though currently teaching at Victoria University. His most recent book is Maoriland: New Zealand Literature 1872-1914, which he wrote with Jane Stafford. He is currently editing with Diana Brydon and James Meffan a book to be called Culturalisms, and is organizing with Bryan Storey a conference on ʻImagining Antarcticaʼ, to be held in Christchurch in September 2008.