A Conversation with the Karrabing Film Collective

  • Lorraine Lane
  • Cecelia Lewis
  • Elizabeth Povinelli
  • Linda Yarrowin
  • Sandra Yarrowin
  • David Boarder Giles
  • Melinda Hinkson
  • Timothy Neale


This piece is a lightly edited transcript of a conversation with members of the Karrabing Film Collective – Lorraine Lane, Linda Yarrowin, Cecilia Lewis, Sandra Yarrowin, and anthropologist Elizabeth Povinelli – interviewed by anthropologists Melinda Hinkson and David Boarder Giles. The Karrabing Film Collective are a community of Indigenous Australians and their whitefella collaborators who make films that analyse and represent their contemporary lives and also keep their country alive by acting on it. This conversation appeared first as Episode Eighteen of Conversations in Anthropology@Deakin, a podcast about ‘life, the universe, and anthropology’ based at Deakin University and produced by Giles and Timothy Neale, with support from the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University, and in association with the American Anthropological Association.


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