Interiors of the 1960s in miniature


  • Brenda Vale Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington
  • Robert Vale



Interior Architecture, New Zealand, Aotearoa, History, 20th century, Dollhouses, Doll furniture, Jomax (Business enterprise), Tri-ang (NZ) (Business enterprise), Gottschalk (Business enterprise), Architectural toys


In New Zealand most extant dolls' houses from the second half of the twentieth century are home-made. The venture by the Auckland firm Jomax into mass-producing a single-storey dolls' house in the mid-sixties was unusual. This venture may have been spurred on by the traditional two-storey dolls' houses being produced by the New Zealand Tri-ang factory, also in Auckland.
The Jomax "Little Princess" dolls' house does not, like the New Zealand Tri-ang houses, reflect a UK heritage, but is clearly a New Zealand house similar in form to many being built and published in the 1960s. Jomax also made sets of modern-style furniture suitable for fitting out its four rooms and a hallway. The paper examines the interiors of this New Zealand-designed house and compares them with those of UK (Tri-ang) and East German (Gottschalk) toy houses of the same vintage. The comparison explores the interiors, with their obvious differences and some similarities, and asks whether they reflect the full-scale versions of the time, or whether they were to some extent aspirational.


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Vale, B., & Vale, R. (2022). Interiors of the 1960s in miniature. Architectural History Aotearoa, 19, 28–37.