Images of Homelessness: The Home of the Needy Aged




Homelessness (Wellington, New Zealand), Architecture, New Zealand, History, 19th century


Homelessness in 1880s New Zealand, as reported in the press, appears to be more intimate and less melodramatic than overseas examples. House fires, such as that of William Beals' eight-roomed house in Epsom, the destruction by fire of Mr Keogh's seven-roomed dwelling on the north-west side of Mount Pukekaroro, and the 1884 fire which broke out "on the grounds of St. Mary's Orphanage, Ponsonby" are examples. Chronic homelessness, when it appears, occurs via the reporting of institutional and architectural support structures. The paper will examine a specific example of an architecture for the homeless: the Home for the Needy Aged in Newtown, Wellington.


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McCarthy, C. (2021). Images of Homelessness: The Home of the Needy Aged. Architectural History Aotearoa, 10, 53–60.

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