Policy Responses To Workforce Ageing – Existing, Potential And A Report Card For New Zealand


  • Judith A. Davey Institute for Governance and Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington




Workforce ageing, participation, retirement income policy


Arguments for encouraging prolonged participation in the paid workforce by older people, based on individual, social, economic and business benefits, are set out in the literature and reflected in public policy. Individual decisions about participation are influenced by external factors and personal attributes. The ability to realise aspirations and preferences in the labour market depends on the social, economic and policy context and on employers’ actions and attitudes. Drawing on local and international literature as well as interviews with employers and representatives of public and private sector organisations, this paper examines policy responses to workforce ageing; both current and potential initiatives. Many of these relate to fiscal concerns and focus on retirement income policy; others aim to influence the behaviour of employers or to assist older workers. This leads to comment on and an evaluation of the New Zealand policy context with respect to workforce ageing.


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