About the Journal

Since the original conference held in 1984 the aim of the LEW conferences held in Wellington every second year remains: ‘ to foster communication between scholars and policy makers on what continues to be this country’s most fundamental social and economic issue – our ability to provide adequate paid work for those seeking employment.’

Since their founding the LEW conferences have been a joint initiative shared by the human geographers in School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences and the Industrial Relations Centre (now the Centre for Labour, Employment and Work, CLEW), Victoria University of Wellington.

This Labour, Employment and Work in New Zealand site contains links to copies of all the proceedings published to date.  Although the conferences have been run every second year since 1984, the  proceedings have only been published from the first conference in 1984 and then from every conference since 1992 (LEW5). The 2010 proceedings (LEW14) was the last to be published in hard copy. As of 2012 (LEW15) all proceedings will be published directly to this site. The 16th LEW conference is being held November 27 and 28th at Rutherford House in Wellington. Details are on the conference web site: http://www.victoria.ac.nz/som/clew/lew-conference

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