Modern Apprenticeship: What's in a name?


  • Nicky Murray Lincoln University



This paper discusses the Modern Apprenticeships programme, introduced by the Labour/Alliance government in 2000. This research forms part of a wider PhD project; an examination of industry training in New Zealand. The research is based upon content analysis of official papers and semi-structured interviews with industry training stakeholders in each of four case study industries: electrical; engineering; hairdressing and agriculture. The research is also informed by understandings gained from my masters thesis, A History of Apprenticeship in New Zealand (2001). To set the Modern Apprenticeships policy in context, this paper first sketches the current industry training situation. Second, the economic, social and political background to the policy is examined. Third, the details of Modern Apprenticeship are outlined, and a critique of some of its facets is offered.


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Author Biography

Nicky Murray, Lincoln University

Environment, Society and Design Division