Multiple Job Holding in New Zealand - A Statistical Profile


  • James Baines Taylor Baines & Associates
  • James Newell Monitoring Evaluation Research Associates
  • Nick Taylor Taylor Baines and Associates



This paper reports on research being conducted under a FRST -funded research programme. The programme has two linked research objectives - (i) creating a quantitative profile of the incidence of multiple job holding in New Zealand; and (ii) investigating the dynamics of becoming a multiple job holder in New Zealand and the social consequences of multiple job holding. Organised around these two objectives, this programme of social research is investigating the role of multiple job holding as a positive change strategy for individuals, families and communities. It focuses particularly on factors that influence the adoption of multiple job holding by individuals, and the effects that a multiple job holding work style has on individuals, families and communities. The paper reports the findings of an initial statistical profile of the incidence of multiple job holding in New Zealand based on the 2001 census.


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