Integrating Kibana Dashboards into ContentWorX


  • Mehma Siddiqui Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington


Software Engineering, Data Visualisation


TEAM IM is an Aotearoa New Zealand-based company with multiple clients who possess a large number of documents, each of which has rich metadata that is important to those clients. Currently, TEAM IM clients use ContentWorX to store the metadata of the documents and Kibana to visualise dashboards of the metadata. The core problem is that Kibana’s current dashboards are not particularly useful and are not integrated into ContentWorX. This makes it difficult for clients to view the relevant information that they need. The solution proposed is to fully integrate Kibana dashboards into ContentWorX and redesign the dashboards. The consequence of this solution would be that TEAM IM clients will be better able to understand and analyse the metadata of the document, as well as explore and visualise the data in a way that is simpler for them.


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Software Engineering