ECS Final Year Project Marking System


  • Moo Plah Soe Kusay Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington


Software Engineering, Assignment marking system


The Final Year Project Marking System addresses the need for an efficient assessment process for Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) final year projects at Victoria University of Wellington. These projects carry significant weight within the ECS curriculum, characterised by unique individual projects and multiple examiners involved in grading. Moreover they are worth double the points of other ECS courses. The current reliance on the ECS Assessment System for marking presents challenges, including manual cross-referencing and reduced productivity for both examiners and course coordinators. To address these challenges, the development of a dedicated web-based marking system is proposed and implemented. This system is designed to optimise the assessment process with distinct user interfaces for course coordinators and examiners. Course coordinators can monitor progress and ensure fairness in grading, while examiners can focus on efficiently marking their assigned submissions. The web-based system is intended to elevate the grading and feedback process, ultimately benefiting both students and faculty. The chosen technology stack includes TypeScript and Next.js for full-stack web development. Microsoft’s Fluent UI Library is used for visually consistent components, with Tailwind CSS introduced for enhanced design flexibility. Meanwhile, a MySQL database and schema serves as the foundation for the system’s relational data storage. An evaluation of the system's effectiveness and usability stems from a questionnaire-based survey conducted on faculty staff. Finally, future work is presented, which is now possible due to the completion of the marking system.


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