New Zealand Wide Internet Scanning Data Analysis for Interesting Trends


  • Shruti Raja Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington


Cybersecurity, Trend Analysis, Cyber behaviour, Aotearoa New Zealand


In our increasingly digital society, understanding cyber behaviour and trends in Aotearoa New Zealand is vital for individuals and organizations to enhance their cybersecurity practices and protect themselves effectively. However, there is currently a limited amount of publicly available information regarding cyber behaviour and trends specific to Aotearoa New Zealand. This project addresses this issue by developing an effective tool that will help to visualise interesting trends found in the data collected by ZX Security. Given the dataset's size, research has been conducted to identify the most effective data handling and processing methods, ultimately choosing indexing and projection for efficiency. The tool extracts relevant information from the data and generates results in the form of graphs, which will be analysed and compiled into a publicly accessible report.

By providing insights into Aotearoa New Zealand's cybersecurity landscape, this project contributes to a safer digital society, promote improved cyber practices, and bridge data gaps, ultimately fostering a more secure online environment.


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