Code of Ethics for Robotics: A Surgery Case Study


  • Griffin Almand Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington



Robotics, Ethics, Automation, Review, Surgery


The future of robotics is broad and varied. New developments that delve deeper into the use of artificial intelligence and automation, for practices ranging from driver less cars to doctor less surgeries, calls for a defined code of cultural, ethical, and legal regulations that can guide engineers around the most delicate issues that may arise. With the reputation of the field resting on the evolution of a code of ethics this paper compares and discusses existing literature on the subject. With the foundation and influence of the existing literature this paper proposes a refined code of ethics designed to target the specific area of robotic engineering. It is also designed to remain applicable for future developments in the field. Having laid out the code it is then be applied to a case study focusing on surgery robots. Final recommendations and conclusions are made to advise future developments for an ethical code targeted at robotic engineers.


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