Competition and Regulation Times. September 2014.


  • ISCR Staff


  • Title: Capital cost and control in small-cap companies: size matters Abstract: Small companies have important economic significance as the most dynamic, innovative and risk-taking sector of the economy. So why do small-cap companies offer only limited corporate governance provisions? Christina Atanasova, Evan Gatev, and Daniel Shapiro find that small companies are incentivised to improve governance by being offered the carrot of easier access to equity financing. Author: Christina Atanasova, Evan Gatev Daniel, Daniel Shapiro
  • Title: Sailing the illiquid seas of foreign exchange markets Abstract: Toby Daglish and Phuong Ho review the literature on liquidity in the Foreign Exchange market – a crucial issue for New Zealand, which sources most of its investment funding from overseas. Author: Toby Daglish, Phuong Ho
  • Title: Merging mandatory saving and monetary policy Abstract: Alfred Duncan investigates the Labour Party’s Variable Savings Rate policy, where KiwiSaver contributions would become compulsory, and contribution rates adjusted by the Reserve Bank in conjunction with changes in the Official Cash Rate to achieve Monetary Policy objectives. Author: Alfred Duncan
  • Title: The grape escape Abstract: Guy Robinson and Toby Daglish investigate the implications of fluctuating commodity prices on farm land values. Author: Guy Robinson, Toby Daglish
  • Title: Behavioural economics: the implications for competition policy Abstract: Behavioural economics, the interdisciplinary field of research that studies the impact of psychological factors on economic decision making, is a trending topic in policy circles. Annemieke Tuinstra-Karel discusses the implications for competition policy, based on a recent investigation by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets. Author: Annemieke Tuinstra-Karel
  • Title: Renewable energy policy: the Italian experience Abstract: Since worldwide concerns about climate change were made official by the Kyoto Protocol at the end of 1997, renewable energy sources (RES) have been receiving increasingly more attention by policy makers. Teresa Romano investigates. Author: Teresa Romano
  • Title: How good is local eGovernment Abstract: Mairéad de Róiste proposes new ways of assessing the usability of local government websites. Author: Mairead de Roiste


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