Completeness of Pledger’s modal logics of one-sorted projective and elliptic planes


  • Rob Goldblatt



Ken Pledger devised a one-sorted approach to the incidence relation of plane geometries, using structures that also support models of propositional modal logic. He introduced a modal system 12g that is valid in one-sorted projective planes, proved that it has finitely many non-equivalent modalities, and identified all possible modality patterns of its extensions. One of these extensions 8f is valid in elliptic planes. These results were presented in his 1980 doctoral dissertation, which is reprinted in this issue of the Australasian Journal of Logic.

Here we show that 12g and 8f are strongly complete for validity in their intended one-sorted geometrical interpretations, and have the finite model property. The proofs apply standard technology of modal logic (canonical models, filtrations) together with a step-by-step procedure introduced by Yde Venema for constructing two-sorted projective planes.


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