Journal History

The Stout Research Centre was established at Victoria University of Wellington in 1984 to encourage scholarly inquiry into New Zealand society, history and culture. Its name honours a former Prime Minister and Chief Justice, Robert Stout, the founder of Victoria University and its first Chancellor. The Centre was launched with generous support from the Stout Trust.

In addition to organizing major conferences, the Centre sponsors thematic symposia and workshops, hosts research seminars, and supervises and accommodates MA and PhD students. The Stout Research Centre offers non-stipendiary residencies to researchers in New Zealand Studies for terms of three to six months, especially to those wishing to access the major research collections based in Wellington. The J.D. Stout Fellowship, supported by the Stout Trust, is offered for competition annually.

All engaged or interested in the study of New Zealand society, history and culture are invited to become Friends of the Stout Research Centre. Friends support the work of the Centre through an annual subscription and receive advance notice of conferences and seminars, as well as discounts for conferences and publications.

The number system for the Journal of New Zealand Studies uses NS to denote 'new series' from 2002 onwards, but this format could not be used in Open Journal Systems. For consistency NS has been retained in the PDF files for each article.

For further information, visit the Stout Research Centre website or contact:

Stout Research Centre
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington 6140
New Zealand