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The Australasian Journal of Logic

The Australasian Journal of Logic is an online, open access journal run under the auspices of the Australasian Association of Logic and the Centre for Logic, Language and Computation at Victoria University. The journal is peer reviewed. The journal was started in 2003, with Greg Restall as its founding editor. The AJL welcomes submissions in any area of logic, either proving technical results or doing conceptual work concerning logic.

ISSN: 1448-5052

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The New Zealand Review of Economics and Finance

The New Zealand Review of Economics and Finance is a student-run journal published by senior undergraduate students and postgraduate students from the School of Economics and Finance at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). The purpose of the journal is to encourage scholastic excellence in economics at VUW. NZREF will be produced in hardcopy and in electronic format and will be distributed internationally.

ISSN: 2324-478X

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Labour, Employment and Work in New Zealand

Since the original conference held in 1984 the aim of the LEW conferences held in Wellington every second year remains: ‘ to foster communication between scholars and policy makers on what continues to be this country’s most fundamental social and economic issue – our ability to provide adequate paid work for those seeking employment.’

Since their founding the LEW conferences have been a joint initiative shared by the human geographers in School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences and the Industrial Relations Centre (now the Centre for Labour, Employment and Work, CLEW), Victoria University of Wellington.

This Labour, Employment and Work in New Zealand site contains links to copies of all the proceedings published to date.  Although the conferences have been run every second year since 1984, the  proceedings have only been published from the first conference in 1984 and then from every conference since 1992 (LEW5). The 2010 proceedings (LEW14) was the last to be published in hard copy. As of 2012 (LEW15) all proceedings will be published directly to this site. The 16th LEW conference is being held November 27 and 28th at Rutherford House in Wellington. Details are on the conference web site:


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The New Zealand Annual Review of Education

The New Zealand Annual Review of Education Te Arotake a Tau o Te Ao o te Matauranga i Aotearoa (NZAROE) began in 1991 as a collaborative venture between the Department of Education at Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand Council for Educational Research. It is published in mid-year, normally June or July. It provides a forum for researchers, policy makers and implementers, and practitioners to present well-documented analytical reviews of policy issues of significance to the New Zealand educational sector, as well as recent research addressing key educational developments and trends, set in a comparative international context. ISSN: 1178-3311

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Kōtare : New Zealand Notes & Queries

Originally modelled on the English journal Notes and Queries, Kōtare: New Zealand Notes and Queriesis devoted to New Zealand literature, literary history, and literary criticism. It particularly welcomes submissions that have some basis in archival research and scholarship and criticism arising from newly discovered sources, but other submissions are also welcome. Typically, articles are between 4000 and 6000 words in length, but shorter notes may also be accepted, and longer items that involve scholarly editing from archival materials will also be considered.

‘Kōtare’ is the Māori name for a kingfisher, a bird whose gift for ruminative stillness precedes its quick diving to the depths. It was chosen as the name for this journal to reflect the kind of scholarship it hopes both to promote and to draw on: the keen-eyed noting of changes, large or small, in our cultural currents; the retrieval of what we thought was lost, or was long concealed; and our hopes for a more than occasional flash of interest for our readers.  Ahakoa he iti, he pounamu. Although it is small, it is greenstone.

All submissions are made online; please see the Information for Authors in the sidebar to the right.

Kōtare is an internationally-recognised peer-reviewed journal. ISSN 1174-6955

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The Journal of New Zealand Studies

The Journal of New Zealand Studies is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal published by the Stout Research Centre for New Zealand Studies. From 2014 onwards the JNZS will be published on-line twice a year, in June and December. Prospective articles are welcome from any discipline. They should have a New Zealand focus, or be comparative with a strong New Zealand element. All submissions go through a process of anonymous peer review.

For full information about the editors and journal Advisory Board, please visit:

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